What I would tell my younger self- Shortened.

The Shortened Version. By, Michal Gregory 12.30.19

With the end of a decade creeping up, I can’t help but think back and look at how much life has been lived in only ten years. At the start of the decade I was 15, and I’ll be closing it out at 25.

There is so much I wish I could say to her young heart. So if I could, here are the secrets, the tid-bits, the sweet words I would whisper. Because Lord knows she needed them, and maybe you did too.

  • Please know that when you pray for profound character profound trials will come your way. You can’t be who you want to be, without going through some flames.
  • Every time you pray for character, you’re turning up the flames in the oven for which you will be put in to gain that character.
  • Don’t be surprised when life gets hard, its what you prayed for.
  • You are big enough to be both fearless and strong, innocent and gentle. You don’t have to choose.
  • Don’t confuse femininity with meekness.
  • Don’t confuse strength with self destruction.
  • Continue on in the pursuit of fearlessness. Don’t let others’ fears become yours. Just because they live in fear, doesn’t mean you need to too.
  • Don’t date until your ready to get married, and that won’t be for a while, so focus on you and Jesus. It’s the wisest investment you’ll ever make.
  • The same expectation list you make for your future husband… apply to yourself. And if you don’t meet the checklist, then reevaluate the purpose of marriage.
  • Be someone worth marrying, and that takes time, effort, and brutally honest self-reflection. Doesn’t mean you need to be perfect, but you do need to realize that maturity is a life-long pursuit.
  • The things that set your soul on fire are hints from God, so gather up that wood and pile it high. Store up those passions and allow them space in your heart.
  • The seeds you plant become the garden you walk in. Plant wisely.
  • Sometimes God will open a door for you and it will be so widely clear to you. But sometimes it wont. Sometimes he wants you to come and knock on his door.
  • God did not make you as intricate and capable as you are for you to live life in the safe harbor. You, are made for deep waters.
  • You are so tough. Learn to expect more of yourself, because there’s so much that you CAN do. Stop that nasty habit of counting yourself out. You’re in the fight.
  • If you can, always choose the harder option. It’ll make you the better person.
  • Pray over your future husband, you don’t need to be married to him to intercede on his behalf. You don’t need to know him to impact his life.
  • When the only prayers you can get out are silent tears, just know that he sees you, and not a tear that is shed goes unnoticed; he’s watching. He hears every word you mouth can’t say. He feels your heart breaking.
  • Some, I mean *most* battles are only won with a pen, paper, and bible. Fight daily and fight fearlessly.
  • Make time for your faith without excuse. God can only do big things in your heart when you give him time. Going to church won’t transform you. But daily private devotions will. God can’t give you guidance if you wont sit down to listen.
  • Just as easily as God can plants you, he can he can also uproot you. There are seasons to life, transition gracefully.
  • Please don’t forget that God is good, but more importantly some people are too. Don’t make good people pay for the consequences of bad people.
  • If you can, be thankful for the past. Come to terms with it and have respect for that season; you needed those lessons, regardless the price you paid for them.
  • You learn that some promises take years, but they are worth it.
  • Comparison will make your amazing life feel miserable, and it will make your blessings feel like burdens.
  • What you own and where you work is not an indicator of God’s favor or love for you. The balance in your bank account is not a price tag on your talent, worth, or future
  • You’ll meet some people that never matured past high school. It is not your job to raise them. It is your job to pray for them; it must be very hard reliving the same toxic habits for years on end.
  • Cut out the excess noise in your life. Say no to the rush, all that extra stuff isn’t adding to your life, it’s drowning it out. Learn how to sit and rest in silence, your heart needs it. And you will remember how much you love the quiet.
  • If you need a good read on how to say no, read this. https://calledtoworth.org/2019/11/02/example-post/
  • You have no use for fear where you’re going. I know it’s hard, but release your grip on fear. There are easier things to hold on to.
  • Lastly, seeds need rain, gardens need pruning, and God’s promises need process. Take heart in Jesus, fight hard for your dreams, but most importantly relax into your life. You are where you need to be.

If these points sparked some interest, here is the link to the full version. https://calledtoworth.org/2019/12/30/what-i-would-tell-my-younger-self/

I know our paths aren’t the same, but lessons I learned are ones you might be learning too. I couldn’t tell my younger self these things, but I can tell you. I can tell all the young girls on the cusp of adulthood the lessons I learned, hard. These truths are for you, let them soak you in encouragement and grit.

Because you beautiful girl, are made for hard things.

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