Press On

Sadie and I went on a hike and ended up getting pretty lost…for 18 miles. Oops. This post is from the hours of prayer time and the power of pressing on.

Michal Gregory 3.1.2020

Transitions are important. They lay the foundation for whatever comes next. They can catapult you forward, or revert you back.

In my last post I talked about when God opens a door, sometimes it leads to an empty room.

This post is about the empty room.

In the midst of a season of uncertainty, we always have two options. We can allow doubt and fear to pull us back, or we can press on using God’s promises to guide us.

This transition phase is where I risk looking around, getting scared, and going back through the door I just walked through.

In absence of the whole picture, I am tempted to go back to hold habits, old lands, and old lifestyles then face the empty room.

How many of us have done this? Started something new and exciting, but before we reach our goal we have slowly fizzled out and found ourselves right where we started.

I have an entire closet filled with ghosts of failed diets, dreams, and callings that I started, but eventually backed out of when the reality of them just got too real. Anyone relate?

When we do not feel like we are moving forward or change is happening fast enough, we risk walking out of the greatest blessing or biggest turning point in our lives.

We risk missing out on God’s goodness for our lives; the sweet little treats He has planted along the way, specially designed only for us.

If you are in a season whether you are neither here, nor there, and you are questioning whether you made the right choice, here are my words to you: Press on. Do not quit.

If it has been put in your heart, and it is what you are called to do, then know that you are capable of getting it done. No doubt you will need to rely on God, but he has given you the guts to do what you need to do. Believe that.

No matter how lost, messy, or out of your control your situation is, keep going.

Keep showing up. Keep praying. Keep walking in your calling, even if you don’t know where you are being led.

If you are so focused on why you are not there yet, you are missing the whole point. God loves the process, and it is the process and the in-between stages where we cultivate ourselves.

We have to start getting out of the get-it-now mindset. In a society driven by instant gratification, let us be a generation who know the power and the art of waiting.

Do not throw in the towel because it is taking a long time. All the best things take time.

Crawl forward if you have to. But no matter what you do, do not return to where you came from.

Let us be the generation that refuses the quick fixes and demonstrates just how powerful it can be to press on, with patiences and endurance, to the incredible callings each of us have.

Because we all have a purpose. Do not give up before you find it.

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